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  • 3D mock‒ups
  • PET prototypes
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Why us?

Working hand in hand with our customers, we seek to create the most attractive bottle design for the lowest possible cost. We have developed over 5000 molds to date, and the number is growing. Low cavitation preform injection machines and in‒house PET prototyping equipment enable us to offer fast and smooth bottle development. Internal process quality control guarantees top level production.

Having worked closely with famous brands like Unilever, Carlsberg, Kopparbergs, L’oreal, Orkla, Electrolux and others we have gained world‒class experience in developing complex PET packaging solutions with high technical requirements. We have experience in developing hot‒fill bottes, oval shaped containers, handle solutions, wide mouth jars, bottles with oriented neck and large size canisters.

Our produced bottles

Our production


We have developed over 10 000 technical bottle drawings over the last 25 years.

3D mock‒ups

We use the latest powder 3D printing technology for precise detailing and efficiency.

Blow molds

We produce blow molds for all types of PET SBM and extrusion machines from high grade aluminum.

Custom Preforms

We design and produce custom design preform prototypes in PET and PP.

PET prototypes

We use the ultimately versatile FlexBlow machine for rapid PET container prototyping of any kind.